HMP 8/28/2018

16 PAX showed up to the recently re-opened #og_AO. As the Q, YHC was excited to see the amount of damage.

Date: 08/28/2018
Weather: Clear and Gloomy with 95% Gloomidity
# of PAX: 16

PAX: Gravity, Captain Stubing, McFly, Special K, The Adjuster, Morpheus, Bone Spur, Gerber, Snake Eyes (FNG), Busted Grill, Tom Sawyer, Seahorse, Parrot Head, Deputy Dog, Buckeye & Wreck-it-Ralph
QIC: Gravity

SSH x 25 IC
Toy Soldiers x 20 IC
Cotton Picker x 20 IC

The Thang:
Two lines for Invertico: the Q (guy in front) peels out and does 5 burpees and catches up as the 6.

Run to the pull up bars:
A circuit of 5 exercises to each of the counts above.
Pull ups
Toes to Bar
Decline Merkins
Squats + 10 (add 10 to the number above)
Mary on the 6 (Freddie Mercuries & Hello Dollies x 25 IC)
Group Mosey-Mary-Mosey-Mary (M&M) to the tennis courts. Money for 60 seconds, complete a Mary (plank jacks, heels to heaven, flutter kicks).

Along the back path, we find one of the stinkiest places on earth.

At the Tennis Courts we modify YHC’s DORA 123.
50 Dead Stop Merkins
50 Turkish Get Ups
75 Mike Tyson’s
Squat on the 6.

During the first pass, McFly tripped over the bench on the way back, forward roll, back up and running. Thankfully he was stationed next to Captain Stubing who used a paper clip, beer bottle cap and some pine straw to patch him up.

We mosey to the AO for Mary.

Busted Grill led us in Protractor.
YHC led us in LBCs x 47 IC (my birthday is next Friday).

COT: welcome to Snake Eyes. He apparently lost a game of Yahtzee to Bone Spur and the wager was posting at F3. He apparently is dating Bone Spurs 2.0.
Convergence this Saturday at Lifepoint Church for #flo_cleanup. Meet at 0800. Flo Relief shirts are going to be in on time for us all to wear. $20 each.
Cul de sac party 10/20
Brolympics 10/27

BOM: prayers for those suffering in the wake of Florence. Prayers that this time of trial will be an opportunity for F3CapeFear to grow our numbers through service. Prayers for patience in the wake of the various cleanup efforts. Prayers for our first responders and military who are working so hard in these difficult times.

Always an honor and a blessing to lead these fine men.

Gravity – out



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