Hurricane Evacuation

AO:  Run Forrest Ruck at UNCW

QIC:  Morpheus

#PAX:  3

PAX:  Hovaround, Heisenberg, Morpheus

THE THANG:  With Hurricane Florence approaching, the Pax evacuated via mosey to the safety of the OG AO at Hugh McRae Park.  Once there the Pax went a bit stir crazy, took a loop around the neighborhood and did a rotation of 1 minute per machine on the newly installed equipment by the playground (bike, presses, crunches).

Mosey back to the AO via Cross City Trail from UNCW track to AO.

Cool down lap.

MOLESKINZ:  Kudos to Hovaround and Heisenberg for posting in the Gloom with storm approaching and only a couple days after a successful BRR!

COT:  Prayers for those travelling to escape the storm, those riding it out, our first responders, the Pax and their loved ones.

It is an honor and a privilege.

Morpheus out.




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