#HeavyMetalMonday – Q on the Fly

Heavy Metal Storm Prep
Date: 09/10/2018
AO: #og_AO #HeavyMetalMonday #HMP
# of PAX: 17?
PAX: Pony Express, Gerber, SOL, Pinch, Atari, Wapner, Morpheus, Ugly Stick, Seahorse, Fun Guy, Guilt Trip, Other Portland, Happy Gilmore, Jiffy Pop, Potawatamie, Snap On, and Gravity
QIC: Gravity

Intro – during the introduction and disclaimer, YHC updated the PAX that the scheduled Q, Mr. T was summonsed to campus as he is a project manager at UNCW and storm prep became real at 0600 – so he had to get to work and YHC stepped in as the Site Q to Q for our brother taking care of others. It’s a part of the job for those newer PAX – the Site Q steps up when the Q can’t – its part of the unwriten creed. Always be prepared to lead – not just in F3 but in life as well.

Due to the lack of preparation, the music selection was limited … we learned this later.

Side Straddle Hops x 25 IC
Mountain Climbers x 25 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs x 25 IC

The Thang:
6 Station Tabata (8 rounds, 25 seconds each, 10 seconds of rest between reps, 20 seconds of rest between stations).
Thanks to Morpheus and Pony Express for helping me set this up on the fly – Upper Body Tabata
Station 1 – Butter Flies
Station 2 – Tricep Extensions
Station 3 – Curls
Station 4 – Masonboro Cooler Bench Press – that cooler does more than carry KBs
Station 5 – Kettle Bell Swings
Station 6 – Single Hand Merkin Rows

Somebody complained that the breaks in the Tabata were “a quick 10 seconds” – the mumblechatter was priceless.

This leaves us with 6 minutes for Mary.

WWII Sit-Ups x 25 IC
Heels to Heaven x 25 IC – finished with a little 6 inches and little protractor
The Alphabet (by Ugly Stick) – A to Z

COT: Glad I and Happy Gilmore got to share our Cardio Calcium story again to bring some of the new guys up to speed. We talked about the upcoming:
4th Quarter Comeback – weightloss, lifestyle change and nutrition improvement – Starts 10/5
Cul-de-sac party – HC or leave the channel – it’ll be fun 10/20
Brolypics – 10/27
Prayers for Epo’s foot to recover so he, Sir Mix and others can conquer that stupid 100 miler on 10/20 – seriously guys, this is awesome. Give these guys all the love, support and ridicule you can – they are gonna need the motivation.
Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Florence. Places like UNCW get in front of this so students can be with their families – as can the staff at UNCW. Have a plan, be prepared, and don’t be afraid to ask F3 for help – we are all here for each other.
Be on the lookout for new AOs in the spring – we are getting a little crowded – time to grow again.
Speaking of growing – it was great to have Atari back in the gloom – fatherhood looks good on him. YHC is looking forward to a few workouts inspired by diaper changing and spit-up. I can’t wait.

Prayers for our first responders and their families.

Skins: guys, don’t be afraid to step up and don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s why we do what we do – its part of the F3 culture. Someone always steps up – are you next? Perhaps instead of a question, I should say: Be Next!!!

Be safe out there – this storm is not something to rest on – be prepared and have a plan.

Respectfully submitted: Gravity



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