Baywatch Bears

Date: 9/8/18

Location: Baywatch

QIC:  Venus

# of Pax: 24

Pax: Edge, Bam Bam, Milton, Tank, Parrotthead, Gobo, Blue Steel, SOL, Happy Gilmore, FNG Pinch (Todd Doroski), FNG Guilt Trip (Jarret Bowen), Dixie Chick, Zapper, Gravity, Manwich, LETC, Nozzle, FNG Red Rider( Zac Gieble), Flight Nurse, Minecraft, Dino, Spin Doctor


Warm up:

Side Straddle Hops ICx31

Merkins IC x15

Seal Claps ICx31

Carolina Dry Docks ICx16

Morrocan Night Clubs IC x31


Now that our arms were warmed up, let’s go!

The Thang:

Form two column Indian Run, Head to Wrightsville Beach Elementary.

Once at the school, partner up.

Partner 1 runs a lap around the track, partner 2 begins to bear crawl until partner 1 catches him. Switch running/bear crawling until 1 full lap of bear crawling is done.

Mary while we waited on the 6.

After the 6 was with us, we ran to the beach!

Once at the beach, Partner up and Partner 1 begins  100 Burpees while partner 2 runs to surf and does 5 squats.

I figured I would give our arms a rest after the bear crawl.

Our fun time was over so we ran back to the COT.


Sorry this is late.

Been hurricane prepping and helping my dad move yesterday. No excuses! Sorry DINO!

Prayers for those affected by hurricane Florence.

Prayers for the BRR team

Prayers for Cracker as he Turned 31.


That’s it fellas,

Until next time,

VENUS out!





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