Underground Run Club

DATE: 9/4/18

QIC: 8penny

PAX: Tank, LETC, Sooner, Pony Express, Flounder


Over the past few months the numbers at TT have been growing and ironically this trend evolved concurrently with close to silenced chatter regarding the sacred run sessions that occur here.  As the Turbos bring more members to the fold their training methods drift deeper into the underground.  Todays special edition is a quick glimpse into a world few dare to enter.


Imperial Walkers
Coffee Bean Pickers (Knuckle-Bean originals)


Since we keep our calendar blank and pre-blasts silent it’s always a surprise who gets to Q.  Since YHC tends to arrive at work-outs about one second before they start, it had been decided that I would Q.  When Sooner announced the Q, I was pretty excited as I really wanted to try out those new Coffee Bean Pickers!

After warm-up I thought it fitting to focus on some BRR training for once since that happens to be this weekend.  Today we will work on pacing, navigation and carbon footprint.  So, run as fast as you can sustain for 40min, don’t get lost and burn as much oxygen as possible.

We started off heading south at an escalating pace.  We picked up quite a bit of speed.  I had the pleasure of running along-side Sooner till the turn, about 2miles in, when he had to take it down a notch because the soles of his shoes were actually smoldering and his toes showing through the bottom.

As we got on the northward track, Pony Express had picked up a good steady gallop.  At Wings we decided to continue North on Lumina and take-in some of the gloomy loop while doing a little spider hunting.  As time closed is, we cut through the park to save a few minutes.  Just as we were about to give up on the spiders, I nailed a glorious one passing between the baseball field and tree line.  Its web was so magnificent it almost clothes-lined me and the spider must have been the size of a small cat.  After a quick tussle, the remnants of the web and spider were tossed to the ground and off we went!

Everyone arrived back at the AO just in time with distances ranging from around 5 to just under 6 miles.


  • Great push by everyone!
  • Great work Sooner, way to turn up the heat early! Might want to start considering some new treads.
  • Pony Express, you have come so far…such a pleasure to see your speed improve so much!
  • Tank – way to tough out the leg pain, you’re going to beat that soon enough!
  • LETC –very cool to see the spark you ignited in Pony Express in-turn ignite a spark in you…7min miles are in your future!
  • Flounder, you’re looking strong and ready for the BRR. The question is whether the BRR is ready for you!

Always an honor gentleman!
-8penny out!



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