QIC: Sir Mix A Lot

PAX: Hooch, Tiny Tank, Franks, Catamount, RX, FNG / Honey-Do

Warmorama: Its run day baby, you should have already stretched let’s get it on!

The Thang:

Well this morning’s plan was originally going to be to take off and run all the way up to Turbo Tuesday and get a couple miles in with our brothers to the North. After we knocked out a few miles with our Turbo brothers we were then going to head over the bridge to Leland. I figure we can get in some mileage with our Leland fellas and snatch the Ghost flag at the same time, basically two birds with one run! On the way back to Carolina Beach of course we were going to make a trip to UNCW and put in a few laps around that beautiful track! Afterwards we were going to Indian run back to Carolina beach while performing 50 Burpees for every car that passes.

That’s when I quickly realized that the guys that posted this morning were all BEAST! The HIM that posted this morning were Screaming Eagles!! I have to admit I was a little nervous given my ability to run, I knew I was going to have to really bring the heat in order to stay with these guys for the entire run. I had to come up with a workout on the fly that was going to be tough enough to get these PAX to break a sweat, which was going to be next to impossible given the company.

That’s when I decided to hit the brave PAX with a workout that only the insane would ever think about trying to complete. Men have died trying to complete half of this run, but at Screaming Eagle we are always up for a challenge.

The run is going to be across the bridge hang a left at the light and wrap back under the bridge heading straight for CB State Park. Once at the Park entrance mosey all the way down to the Marina! Once arriving at the marina turn around for what would have be a 4 min mile or less run to get back to the flag on time. Everyone completed the run with time to spare because we are just that good, not to mention we didn’t have any Stingrays slowing us down.

Long story short we woke up this morning and pissed excellence.

Moleskin/ COT

Still looking to find gainful employment for Glen Hadley, who will be posting at one of our AO’S in the near future.

Prayers for EPO and his foot as he takes X-rays today, and hopeful for a speedy recovery.

BROOlympics October 27th!!!!

Prayers for all men and women in uniform currently serving overseas or here on American soil.

As always it is a please to lead and serve!

Sir Mix OUT-




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