Head Start

33 faithful fought the fartsack and won. Their reward was a sweaty beatdown in the Nation’s best AO. 2 FNGs and three 2.0s less 12 years old and younger.

Q: Dino

Pax: Watch the vid


Ronaldo warmed us up with some SSH and Cotton Pickers while some of the self-admitted slower Pax get started running to Lagoon Dr. The rest of us then headed to the corner of Lagoon Dr and W. Salisbury St. This is where we partner up for a loop circuit. Partner 1 runs the loop (Lagoon to N. Lumina to Salisbury) while Partner 2 does called exercise. Switch. Then repeat. The exercises were mountain climbers, squats, Carolina dry docks. We then gathered up the six and headed for the sand. We did some dollies and flutters while we waited for the six. More partner work. Partner 1 runs into the water for 10 squats and 5 surfees while Partner 2 runs up to the dunes and back. Switch. Rinse and repeat.  Interlock arms and cadence walk into the surf. 8 squats in cadence. Cadence walk further into surf for 8 more squats in cadence. 2 minutes to rinse off and get your gear back on. 2 lines to run back to the basketball court for COT.


-Great to see so many 2.0s showing up.

-No better way to start your Saturday than at Baywatch. Never take this for granted. We are lucky.

-Great effort by all (except Busted Grill who seems to be slowing down a bit). Please keep encouraging him to keep trying out there.

-Sooner didn’t let his beautiful long hair slow him down. He was crushing the runs.

-Macgyver survived.

-Tank thought it was a good idea to wear his high school wrestling unitard to the workout. Leaving nothing to the imagination.

-Hoff was sporting his wife’s sunglasses.

‘Til next time!




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