Running is Cool

Date: 08/30/2018

AO: Cool Runnins #og_AO Hugh MacRae Park

# of PAX: 6

PAX: Cross, Mini Me (F3 Royalty), Pony Express, Blade, Captain Stubing & Gravity

QIC: Gravity – yes, you read that right.


Intro and Disclaimer


SSH x 20 IC

Toy Soldiers x 20 IC

Cotton Pickers x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 20 IC

Dynamic Mosey Stretch to the speed bump and back


InvertaRico Run toward the lower parking lot, around the park road and back past the AO to the long way around the pond to the Pull-Up Bars. Guy in front bounces out to complete 5 Burpees and catches back up to the group as the six. Each PAX got in at least two rounds of Burpees.


Complete the number of reps for 4 exercises (pull-ups, dips, toes to bar & decline merkins), in between reps, run to the start of the bridge and complete step-ups or wall jumps. Each round has a corresponding number plus 10 –  12,14,16,14,12.

Mosey / Mary Intervals: PAX mosey together along the “back of the park” trail. Every 60 seconds we drop and complete a Mary exercise x 25 IC (LBCs, Hello Dollys, Flutter Kicks and low plank). Last round was by the tennis courts and we jail break ran to the AO … it was 0614.

COT: YHC took a moment to share his acceleration story with Mini Me. We also discussed the upcoming, yet unnamed Fast/Fat Boy Fridays – we need help with this. FUBA Fridays? Prayers for first responder’s and their families. Confession to God that workouts don’t make us stronger, only He does.

SKINS: YHC Q’d a workout I hate at an AO I am comfortable in, so yeah – don’t fear run day. Embrace the Suck.

What a great, tight knit group this morning. After 30 on Monday, 25 on Wednesday, the #og_AO still has room to grow for Cool Runnings.

F3 travels and having royalty post on your Q is cool – thanks for posting with us Mini Me – nice to meet you.

Gravity … out


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