Back and Forth w/ James Brown


QIC: Mr. T

# of  Pax: 25

PAX: Houdini, Mr. T, Busted Grill, Special K, LETC, Tiny Dancer, Dixie Chick, Mayhem, Pigpin, Gerber, Baby Daddy, Gravity, The Adjuster, FNG (Hochuli), Captain Stubing, Niles, Snickers, Cross, Kramer, Hardwood, Mr. Kotter, Seahorse, Jiffy Pop, SOL, Tom Sawyer

Side straddle hop 25
Hillbillies 25
Cotton pickers 10
Mountain climbers 20

Turned on some James Brown to keep us moving through the work out!  Always a good choice to keep you motivated in the gloom.

Two lines (one behind Mayhem and one behind “Tony Dancer”) … mosey the long way to the tennis courts

Partner up for doracides:
100 merkins
200 sumo squats
300 LBCs

Mosey to playground parking lot

Moguls and Merkins

Mosey to shelters and get in groups of 3

Odd man out:
Each group has one man in shelter A doing exercise 1, one man in shelter B doing exercise 2, and the 3rd man runs between shelters to tag out the next partner. Rotate each time the partner tags.
First set: incline merkin and crunchy frogs
Second set: step ups and calf raises
Third set: leg lifts and incline Merlin

Jail break back to AO to make it there by 6:15am… Times up…  “I feel Good!!”

COT/ Moleskin:

Welcomed one FNG
Block party October 20
Brolympics October 27
Fast Fridays starting soon… Aye Gravity!
Suggestion about fasting by Niles
Suggestion to add pictures beside names on slack by The Adjuster
Reminder to add hospital name on Slack
Prayers for Happy Gilmores results from calcium test
Ghost Flag team need for Saturday


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