QIC: Busted Grill

The PAX: Potawatomie, Mr. Kotter, Other Portland, Gravity, Daggerboard, Fatback, Blade, Morpheus, Capt. Stubing, Cross, Sparky, Hoveround, Gobo, Heisenberg, Seahorse(The Lone Rucker)

This workout was specifically designed for BRR runners and simple enough for even @f3dino to do without any further explanation.

The Thang: Mosey to the parking deck (mountain). SSHs waiting for the 6 (me). SShs 20 IC, imperial walkers 20 IC, cotton pickers 20 IC. Run up the ramps sprinting the last ramp before the top then down the stairs and repeat until 0605. Capt. Stubing and I took the 6 making sure no one got lost. Mr. Kotter and a few others lapped us, but we stayed motivated even when Hoveround and Cross caught fire and left us marveling as they scurried ahead and out of sight.

Mary: Flutter kicks 20 IC, Hoveround freddy mercuries 25 IC, hello dollies 20 IC, protractor until reasonable groan level achieved then heels to heaven 20 IC. Mosey back to flag.

COT: BRR, Brolympics, Young Life Skeet Shoot all coming up. Prayers for Gravity and Happy Gilmore as they embark on lifestyle changes following cardiac calcium scans. Prayers for the PAX and those who serve and protect us.

Thanks for the opportunity,   BG

PS: If no one signs up for RFR Q I’m going to keep Qing, sneak us onto the track and do pull ups the whole time.





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