#OGAO #HMM – Busy Docket Beatdown

Date: 8/27/18

QIC: Wapner


# of Pax: 30

Pax: Morpheus, Messi, Flea, SnapOn, LETC, The Adjustor, Mayhem, Special K, Tom Sawyer, SOL, Seahorse, Bone Spur, Trump, Venus, Uglystik, Other Portland, Verde, Blade, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Kramer, BabyBack, Jiffy Pop, Nozzle, Gravity, Happy Gilmore, Gerber, Captain Steuben, Deputy Dog, Wapner (Q)

Warmerama: SSH (IC) x 22, Imperial Walkers (IC) x 20, Moroccan Nightclub (IC) x 25, Mosey around the Island and back to Flag

The Thang: 10 Stations w/ 2 partners. One (or 2) partner(s) performed the first exercise and then switched exercises when the runners were about halfway through.

  1. KB Hammer Curls & Overhead Press / Burpees
  2. Goblet Squats / Merkins
  3. Skull Crushers / Freddy Mercury
  4. Run around the island
  5. KB 1-arm Swing / Burpees
  6. KB Chest Flys / American Hammer (w/ coupon)
  7. KB Goblet Lateral Lunges / Catalina Wine Mixer
  8. Run around the island
  9. KB 2-arm Swing / Bear Crawl
  10. Lawnmower / Turkish Getup (w/ Coupon) or Morning Wood (no Coupon)

COT/Moleskin: Prayers for all the kids, teachers, and parents starting back to school today, especially for peace of mind for all of those kids experiencing anxiety. Lift up Happy Gilmore as he recently had a calcium cardio test, the results of which were not great. Let’s keep Happy Gilmore and Gravity (and ourselves) accountable and support them on their health/fitness goals. Speaking of which, Gravity will be starting a weight loss challenge of sorts beginning in October in which there will be Friday morning weigh-ins and a variety of other tests to measure our health and fitness goals. I’m honored to have been able to lead such a large group of Pax this morning. Thanks for your flexibility in making the beatdown work with such a large group.

Court is adjourned!



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