Monster factory 8/27/18



Mountain climbers 25IC

Windmill 15 IC

The Thang,

Partner up and Indian run around soccer field. Partners will do 5 patty cake merkins then run to the front of the line. At the pull up bars partners will do 5 pull ups and 5 burpees in 35 seconds and rest for 15 seconds, 5rounds. Next was catch me if you can partner does 5 pull ups and catches his partner. When caught do 10 patty cake merkins then next partner preforms 10 sit ups and catches his partner, 3 times around the lake. Lastly we went to the sandbag pile and preformed 20 sit ups while passing the sandbag to your partner. Then put the sandbag on your partners back and preform 10 merkins while your partners planks.

14 Pax

Native, Sparky, 10 Count, Etch A sketch, Zuckerberg, Potawatomy, Sooner, Sham wow, Bam Bam, Spin dockter, Coffee Bean, Dino, Ball bearing, Chop Shop.



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