Bringing the Beach to Leland

Date: 08/27/18

AO: Leland

QIC: Johnny Gage

# of Pax: 9

Claven, AED, Beretta, Snickers, Baby-Daddy, Fire Marshal Bill, FNG (Green-Light), Brady, Balthazar.


  • Merkins IC x10
  • IW IC x 45

The Thang:

Partner up…P1 will farmer carry two 45 pound sandbags for 40 yards,  completing 25 squats/shoulder presses at he end. Do this evolution 3 times while P2 runs the loop, stopping half way, knocking out 45 air squats w/ a 55lb sand bag. Second evaluation; P1 lunge the 40 yards with sandbag alternating shoulders on the way back down, P2 repeats the loop run. Last evolution; all pax shuffles the loop carry the 45lb sandbag, stopping halfway for more squats.


Bicycles x45 and Flutter Kicks


Prayers for my pastor’s wife, our military and all of first responders, prayers for Beretta’s son.

Each pax gave a testimony of one good thing happening today.

For me, I am blessed to be part of a wonderful group of Men. Today is my birthday, I have been blessed for 45 years. I am in the best shape of my life, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually…thank you F3!

Humbled and honor to lead!

Gage- Out!




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