Date: 8/24/18

VQ: Gerber


# of Pax: 24

Pax: Lots of Pax’, Young and Old, Big and Small. 1 FNG – Welcome Tonka

Lap around the Island with some step slides to stretch ye ol’ groins. Side-Straddle-Hop (IC) x 20 Cotton Pickers (IC) x 15 SLOW DOWN, then 3 lines of 8 Native American Run (KIPC) from the parking lot around Goose Poop Island to PU Bars

The Thang: Body Valley WO. Down the body and back up. 5 circuits of:

  1. 5 Pullups
  2. 10 Chin-ups
  3. 15 Ascending Mountain Testicles
  4. 20 Dips
  5. 25 Shoulder Taps

Mosey to Bball court – Lower Body WO: 4 Corners

  1. 25 Step-ups
  2. 25 Body Squats
  3. 25 Jump Squats
  4. Lunges across court and back

Jack Webbs – 2 sets / 5 reps

  1. up to 5 regular merkins w/ press
  2. up to 5 diamond merkins w/ press

2 Mary Exercises to finish – Flutter Kicks / American Hammer

COT/Moleskin: Statement on love and relationship. Grateful for the group. Prayers for military and first responders.




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