Backblast Post: Balls to the Wall Merkins!


Screaming Eagle

QIC: Tubbs

# of PAX: 11

PAX: tea party, stouffers, 8-penny, moab, donut, mountie, nomads, the Hoff, hammerhead, r-x


Side Straddle Hop x20, Cotton Pickers x20, Moroccan Night Club x20

The Thing:

Mosey to Pull Up bars.  Counted off into four groups.  Four stations: station 1 (15) Balls to the Wall merkins, station 2 (15) Pull Ups, station 3 (15) Dips and station 4 (15) merkins. In between each station PAX ran to the tennis courts and back. Goal was 5 rounds of each station, got 3 rounds in. Tea Party lead America Hammers x20 while PAX finish up stations.

Mosey to shelter for a few rounds of Abs.  Flutter Kicks x20, LBC x20, Hello Dolly x20, (R-X) Boxer Cutter x20, (Donut) Dips (with a long pause @ 17) x20.

Mosey back to flag and circled up.  PAX held Plank while each PAX ran around the outside of circle.


Prayers for John McCain family, all military and first responders who give their lives to protects us everyday. Thanked God for the beautiful morning and all the PAX who gave 110% this morning.



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