Only Miles


Q: Flounder

PAX: Tiny Dancer, 8 Penny, BTB, The Tank, Pony Express, Knuckle Puck, Sooner, Coffee Bean, Gerber, No Sweat

Warm Up: Self stretch.  The Pax came a bit early to stretch.

The Thang:  The workout was pretty simple for Turbo Tuesday today!  It was all about miles.  How far can you go in 45 minutes? We started right at 5:30 and all made it back right at 6:15.  Of course, BTB and 8 Penny ran over 6 miles while everybody else ran between 5.2 and 5.6 miles.  Not bad for 45 minutes.  And that’s why we call it Turbo Tuesday!

COT: A reminder for the convergence this Saturday at Coddington Elementary.  No Sweat gave us a quick low down on CFCC Sea Devil soccer.  Come out and support!  Sooner took us out with a great prayer and start for the day!




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