Amphibian Style.

DATE: 8/18/2018
Q: Trolly Stop
# of PAX: 3

PAX: Moab, Mr. Miyagi, Trolly Stop

Warm up:

We moseyed to the beach.

Tha Thang:

We performed five rounds of the following circuit. The circuit consisted of two stations of people exercising and a runner. The stations were set up about 20 yards apart. While people exercised at stations 1 and 2, the runner left station 1, ran waist deep into the ocean, turned right, reached parallel with station 2, and ran to shore thus relieving the person from station 2 who then ran to station 1 thus relieving that person who then became the runner. The people exercised at each station as soon as they got there until they were relieved. Each person had to visit each station and be a runner in order to complete a round.

Round 1:     Station 1: burpees     Station 2: superman/banana rolls (hands and feet never touch the ground)

Round 2:     Station 1: jump squats     Station 2: Al Gores

Round 3:     Station 1: merkins     Station 2: low planks

Round 4:     Station 1: hammer flutter kicks     Station 2: jumping lunges

Round 5:     Station 1: Hindu merkins     Station 2: Hindu squats

Next we headed to the soft sand.

2 x 40 yard sprint

2 x 20 yard sprint

After this, we moseyed back to the Iron Island F3 flags in our minds.

We still had a little time to kill, so we performed some stretches. Following this, Moab took us out in prayer.

Moab and Mr. Miyagi are hardcore. The ocean current was against us which made travel difficult. Regardless, we set a grueling pace during the circuit, and everyone really pushed it during the sprints.

The opportunity to lead is always a joy, men. Thank you.

As always, peace, love, and get those chests to the ground,

Trolly Stop (Choo Choo!)



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