Possum Run

Date: Thursday, August 16, 2018

QIC: Heisenberg

Pax: Niles, Sloppy Joe, Pony Express, Busted Grille

Warmorama: SSH x 25, Strawberry pickers x 15

Another muggy Thursday gloom found 4 dedicated pax (Niles would join us later) set off on an adventurous run down the side of Pine Grove Drive as cars whizzed by.  Some of us were lit up like Christmas trees so no problem.  Our destination was the finest golf course around, the Muni.  We ran the front nine backwards stopping briefly to splash in puddles, dodge frogs and at one point let a friendly neighborhood possum cross our path.  Is that bad luck?

Next, we ran back to HMP and did a lap for a total of 4.5 miles and no animals harmed!

COT: Pony Express is the new site Q for Cool Runnings and has exciting plans for a shovel flag and possibly a new shirt (think Gorilla on a bobsled) that i can’t wait to purchase.  Thanks for taking on this role and dude you are getting fast!  Sloppy Joe is recovering from a 50 miler last weekend and probable plantar fasciitis but made it look easy!  Busted Grille is amazing as always and ready for F3 (Grand)Dad Camp this weekend.  Niles joined late so his punishment was to lead us in stretching which he graciously obliged.   Prayers for Niles brother Kim who has a cerebral bleed and for SJ’s foot.

Heisenberg out!



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