#f3_stingray BB: Animal Court

QIC: Wapner

Date: 8/15/18

AO: Stingray

# of PAX: 16

PAX: Etch-A-Sketch, Sooner, Bogey, Spin Doctor, Bam Bam, Nozzle, Chop Shop, EOM, Dr. DooLittle, Flounder, Bob the Builder, Sparky, OTC, Cousteau, Baby Back, Wapner (Q)

Warm O Rama: Copperhead Squats IC x 20, Seal Jacks (Claps) IC x 20, Zebra Butt Kicks OYO x 30 (each side)

The Thang: Duck & Weave Indian Run until all Pax had gone through once and then continued with regular Indian Run around soccer fields to the small bridge. Moseyed onto the nearest soccer pitch with decent lighting.

Wheel of Animal Walk – Grabbed a partner. While one partner held various plank positions (high, side, low, etc.), the other partner performed the first exercise across the width of a football field and the second on the far sideline before sprinting back to switch with their partner: Frog Hop & 20 Merkins, Bear Crawl & 10 burpees, Crab Walk & 20 Merkins, Duck Walk & 10 burpees. Performed various Mary exercises while waiting for all partner groups to finish.

Based on some mumblechatter from Flounder, we moseyed over to the storage building and each Pax grabbed a sandbag for some impromptu farmer carriers and sandbag races. Zoo (jail) Break back to the Flag.

COT/Moleskin: Prayers for Cousteau and his family. He just moved here from High Point and is working to save up the funds so his M and 2.0s can join him here. Keep LETC and WoWo in your prayers as they start their cross-country road trip this week to Montana. Lift up CRU (nationwide and at UNCW) as the UNCW chapter has a retreat this week led by BabyBack and also for their outreach efforts with freshman move-in. Spin Doctor’s retirement ceremony is quickly approaching (August 31), be sure to reach out to him if you plan to attend the ceremony so he can get you registered. Now that F3 Cape Fear donated 100+ pairs of shoes, we need to donate some socks! New socks only, so don’t try to donate your wet socks from this morning’s beatdown.

Strong work ya filthy animals! Everyone else who wasn’t at an AO this morning is guilty of 1st Degree Fartsacking. Animal Court is adjourned. #Wapner




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