Finding Nemo

Date: 8/14/18

AO: Run Brunswick Forest Run/Ruck

QIC: Johnny Gage

# of Pax: 4

Snickers, Man Hands, Edger, Nemo

The Thang:

3 Pax made their way around the forest sporting rucks for a 2.6 mile excursion. YHC and the other pax found Nemo! YHC and Nemo ran around the loop for a 4.6 mile trek.

CoT/ Moleskinz:

Snickers: way to lead the Ruckers

Man Hands: I can probably can use a message after running with Nemo

Edger: we are praying for your family. Strong work this morning!

Nemo: always a pleasure, brother! Hope to see you back next Tuesday.

Prayers for Edger and his family (baby on the way), our military and first responders. Need continue prayers for my (and other F3ers) pastor’s wife who is up in Duke’s ICU…

Gage Out!




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