Employee of the Month Field Test

8/13/18 #f3stingray

Pax:  14 Hard-Working Employees

Spin Doctor, Etch-A-Sketch, Sparky, Pottawatomie, World Wide,  Hardwood,  Sooner, Chop Shop, Midget4Life (from Raleigh F3), Baby Back, Corey Rand (FNG – Brought to you by Baby Back – “Digits”), BamBam, Dr. Dolittle

Introduction of F1 Plan for today.  I shared with them a story of a co-worker who was telling me that he was working hard to try to be the Employee of the Month over me and another one of my peers who is typically at the top of the rankings. To be honest he was living in a little bit of a Dream World.  So what did I do? I helped.  I exhorted him.  I busted his chops.  I let him know 3 things that he needs to do to become the Employee of the Month.

  1.  Stay Focused – Don’t get distracted by others when they try to interrupt you from your goal. Keep your eyes on the prize of what it takes to win.
  2.   Stay Consistent – Do what you know you need to do, and don’t stray from it.  If you keep doing the right things for long enough, it will reap great rewards.  Don’t give up or slack off
  3.   Pay Attention to the Details – It’s a common misstep.  It’s easy to be too focused on the larger goal, while overlooking the small details that make all of the difference.  I’ve heard it called the TNT – “Tiny Noticeable Things”.  Failure to execute the details will result in poor results


Side Straddle Hop IC X30

Windmill IC x15

BBAC (Big Baby Arm Circles) IC X10 forward X10 backwards

SumoSquats – IC X25


Mosey to the first speed bump near the tennis courts.  Pax organized themselves from who they believed to be the slowest sprinters in the front and faster sprinters in the back.  On the 5 count the next pax would start in an effort to catch the man in front of him.  Sprint lasted until we got to the first entrance to the parking lot.

Circle up, while still breathing heavy.  Each Pax was given a 6 digit number for them the focus on throughout the entirety of thee workout.

Hop the fence and on the football field.

We split into 2 even groups (of 7), then we partnered up with someone on the opposite team.

Team A – started doing Bear Crawls down the football field.

Team B – had one Pax lay down on the plastic slide that I’ve been carrying around in the back of my truck for the last month. The other six pax carried him down the field, around the goal post until they met up with Team A, face to face.

Once this happened you find you partner from the opposite team, and complete 100 cumulativE merkins.

Then Team A picked up the slide with a pax loaded on it and repeated while Team B then started their Bear Crawl down the field.

Rinse and repeat for 4 rounds.

***Did I mention that all this time, we are paying attention to the detail of the number we’ve been given. ***

Next Mosey to the coupon pile.

Directions, run from there to Pull up Bars on the Flag side of the pond.

Every time we came to a light, we completed 5 Moving Merkins

Every time we encountered a park bench we completed 3 laps around the bench.

When we reached the final destination of the Pull up Bars, each pax had to complete 2 pull-ups on each bar, moving from right to left down the line.

Mosey back to the COT

Here came the test of our ability to be consistent, stay focused, and to above all – pay attention to the details. Every Pax except our FNG remember their number at the end of the workout.  Strong work men.  So we all took a celebratory 10 Burpees on the chin for our new brother – Digits – By the way, he got the name digits, because he failed to remember the “digits” that he was given at beginning of our workout.


Spin Doctor’s Retirement Ceremony is 8/31/18 at 10 am. Find the invitation on Slack, and RSVP as soon as you are able.

Sooner thanked everyone who reached out to him while he was away in Oklahoma with his friends and family after the tragic suicide of his good friend, Tyler ( I think).

Digits asked for prayer for a job. He is looking for a ministry or non-profit job in the area.  He went to school at UNCW and now is making his home here in Wilmington.


Strong work today men! Now you know what it takes to become the






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