Get Swol Bruh

17 PAX held the kettlebells for 38 min moving weight and strengthening mind body and soul. Today I turn 47 and we integrated that through the Thang


SSH x 20

Moroccan Nightclub x 20

Sumo Squat x 20

Merkins x 20 (10 wide 10 close)

The Thang

Everyone picked a kettelbell, we commenced with a variety of exercises. Each for 47 sec followed by a break (by break I mean swing the kettlebell around your waist for 13 seconds) After each “break” we moved into another exercise. After 4 exercises we did 10 burpee oyo…rinse repeat…midway we ran the parking lot loop. After completing 4 sets of kettlebell exercises & burpees, BustedGrill led us through Mary

We finished with 7 burpees.

COT: We ask for God to strengthen us in times of temptation, place his healing hands on our friends and family who are dealing with illness and give us patience and wisdom as we parent our children.

Blessed to be in the company of such great men.




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