Calm Board Meeting

QIC-Flight Nurse


AO-Wrightsville Beach, Crystal Pier

# Pax-3

Pax-Pickles, Insulin, Flight Nurse

Warm up- SSHx25, Burpees-10oyo, 50 flutter kicks (4count), streeeetttcccchhhh

The Thang-Paddled out and waited patiently for ……anything!! Small, flat, horizontal, speedbumps is all we got. Filled in with excellent F2 and a stunning sunrise.

Mary- Run to life guard station and back

COT @ Donut Inn ;)- Pray for Pickles G-Ma and her recent medical scare, as well as, his G-Pa dementia. Insulin- G-Pa to know the Lord and for guidance on how to talk with him. Pray for an event with Ocean Cure and Wounded Warrior this weekend at Carolina Beach, helping  veterans with spinal cord injuries learn to surf. This Sunday will be a huge event with many folks participating. Pray for the mental and physical health of those in the GoRuck event this weekend.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this awesome brotherhood!!!!!

Flight Nurse



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