22 x 2’s

DATE: 08/08/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 11

THE PAX: Moab, Gurlie, Franks, Hammerhead, Crosswalk, Tiny Tank, Chicken Noodle, Subway(Jerod), Stouffers, Tubbs



SSH: 20 Seal Claps, 15 Cotton Pickers, 20 Moroccan night clubs


We moseyed over to the speed bumps on the side road. We proceeded to start with 22 merkins at the 1st speed bump, run to 4th speed bump and do 2 big boy sit ups. We went back and forth going down by 2’s on merkins and up by 2’s on sit ups. The goal was to get to 132 merkins and 132 big boy sit ups. Then we moseyed back to the flags.

Tiny Tank crushed the exercises and running. We will give him more reps next time. The rest of us got to about 130 reps. The running between the speed bumps got the PAX a 5k for the morning.


Thanks to all that worked out and to Crosswalk for motivating Stouffers.

Welcome FNG Jerod (Subway) and thanks to Hammerhead for bringing him out.

Strong work Men,




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