Running When You Don’t Want To

Date: 8/7/18

AO: Screaming Eagle – The Bridge

# of PAX: 9

THE PAX: R-X, Money Gun, The Real Franks, EPO, Sir Mix A Lot, Hooch, Dagger Board, Sweater Vest

Q: Chicken Noodle


PAX, I did not want to get up and Q a run day Tuesday morning. I’m grateful to have such an encouraging and motivating group of men to help me get over my feelings and (as Jocko would say) GET AFTER IT!


We started out under Snow’s Cut Bridge and headed over the bridge, down North Lake Park Boulevard, made a left at the Sunoco Gas Station, then a right at the Scotchman Gas Station and made our way to the Carolina Beach access.

Three Minutes of Mary – (lbc’s, flutter kicks, cherry pickers)

Then we were off and made our way back to the flag covering roughly 5 miles.



Glad to see Money Gun, Dagger Board and Sweater Vest on the south side. Y’all crushed it and we appreciate you joining us.


What a great way to start the day!








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