F3 Cape Fear Monthly Round Table Minutes 7-12

F3 Monthly Round Table Meeting
Minutes from July 12, 2018
Hard Start 18:45- Hard Stop 19:45 at Brewer’s Kettle
PAX: Tenenbaum, Sir-Mix, Snap-On, LETC, Quatro, Bone Spur, Dixie Chick, Heisenberg, Pony Express, Snickers, Gravity

1st F

  • Sasquatch July 28th
  • Site Q’s
  • Q School – July 24th 5:30-7:00 at Sooner’s House
  • Iron Island – more Q’s and a 2nd F location with more seating
  • BRR September 6th-8th
  • Iron PAX Challenge
  • August 10-11th Go Ruck Tough/Lite
  • Hat Giveaway
  • Need Flags at every workout

2nd F

  • Cul De Sac Party – Warlick Estates – Bone Spur Q. October 20th and have Cornhole Tournament same day?
  • Dad’s Camp August 17-19th

3rd F Q

  • Shoes : Let Franks & Noodle lead the charge. I’ll look around for worthy recipient(s) & if any PAX have ideas throw them out.
  • Q3 Outreach : Ainsley’s Angels has a few things going on late summer / early fall. Maybe we just continue that? I can get dates/info.
  • Ainsley’s Angels : SENC Gala on 12/14 & 5K on 12/15. It’s early but Kelley (SENC Ambassador) has given F3 & FiA an open invite to both events. Would like us to lead warm-up exercise before 5K. It happens to be the same day as Venus’ wedding day Q & wedding, but I’m sure we can divide & conquer.
  • LETC starting a boy’s bible study

Weasel Shaker

  • Leland Site Shaker


  • Need a back blast Nazi
  • Comz on Cornhole Tournament and Brolympics
  • Back Blasts more instructions
  • Simplify BB Process
  • FNG Q – newsletter signup automatically


  • $6,000ish balance in the F3 Cape Fear Foundation
  • Dunking Booth at an event to raise funds?


  • 2nd Annual Brolympics to be October 27th, 2018. Venus’ beach house and Johnny Mercer’s pier will be location. Parking at Little Chapel on the Boardwalk. Venus to build a committee to make it bigger and better than last year.
  • Cornhole Tournament – previous one was successful. Need another. Need someone to Q it.
  • Flounder to discuss F3 race with Colin Hackman

Service Projects

  • Ainsley’s Angel’s
  • Franks collecting shoes for Good Shepherd
  • Cape Fear Incentives to Exercise – Oops

New Roles Undertaken

  • Brolympics Committee – Sir-Mix, EOM, Chicken Noodle, Flight Nurse and Venus
  • Cool Runnings Site Q – Pony Express takes over from Tenenbaum
  • Scott’s Hill Launch Q – still need
  • Cornhole Tournament – still need
  • Newsletter Q – Gravity takes over from Tenenbaum
  • FNG Q – still need
  • IT Q – Atari?


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