72 is a big number

QIC; Busted Grill

The PAX: Heisenberg, Chop Shop, Uglystik, Blue Steel, Niles, Tom Sawyer, The Hoff, Bone Spur, Dino, Bob The Builder, Knuckle Puck, Last, Pony Express, McGuiver, Surf And Turf, Coffee Bean, Venus, Hoveround, Tank, Tiny Dancer, Sparky, Oops, Gobo, LETC, Chicken Noodle, Gravity, EOM, Moab, Mr. T, Mr. T’s 2.0, Double Check, Nature Boy,  with apologies to the PAX I’m missing, the namerama is apparently on Twitter, I don’t remember who else was there except we had 5 FNG’s. 1 was Scott Visser who we named Marcus Welby, we also had Compton, Manwich, Sparky’s son in law, a guy from Boca Raton, and I think 1 other.

Warm-Up: SSH 12 IC, burpees 6 OYO, squats as each PAX counts off we do a squat for a total of 51 then on to 72 IC.

The Thang: Split up as much as possible into teams of 6 for mosey to the beach. 1st team to a few designated landmarks does 72 team total merkins. Hopefully this narrowed the arrival window at the beach. Once at the beach the Pax were split up into 2 teams. Each team took 3 steps then did a down to your knees prisoner squat and repeated 24 times with 1 team going north and 1 south. After 24 reps the PAX went into the surf up to their waists and returned to the start before leaving the water. Repeat changing the exercise to alligators, a three step bear crawl then a merkin, 24 reps then in the surf and return to the start. On to Dora 123. 100 prisoner squats, 200 merkins, 300 heels to heaven while partner runs into the surf deep enough to get his head wet and returns. Not quite enough time to finish the heels to heaven, so we rinsed off and got our shoes on. A little effort to reform the teams of 6 for a mosey back to the flag interrupted by 72 team pull ups before circling up. Each team had to do 72 pull ups with each PAX doing at least 6 and no more than 12 the 1st round then getting to 72 anyway they chose for the 2nd round. Circle up for a little mary ending with 20 LBC’s IC.

Counterama: 47 remaining PAX with 4 gone to work etc.

Namerama: 5 FNG’s. See PAX listing above. Naming the FNG’s was very quick as the PAX were louder and faster with suggestions than I have seen in a while.

COT: A hearty round of happy birthday was appreciated by the Q. Led by @dino, apparently a hidden talent. I wasn’t close enough to him to actually hear him so if anyone who was closer has an opinion, feel free to comment. Prayers of thanksgiving for health and this awesome place we live. Prayers for the PAX and families, military and 1st responders and our country’s leaders.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and for all the well wishes.    BG




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