Raindrops are falling on my head

DATE: 7/31/2018

AO: UNCW Run Forest Ruck

QIC: Tiny Dancer

# of PAX:13

PAX:Trump, Sparky, Money Gun, Tenenbaum, Mr. Kotter, Daggerboard, FatBack, Captain Stubing, Pickles, Busted Grill, Hoveround, Seahorse

13 PAX beat the fartsack on a wet Tuesday morning to dodge the raindrops and get a few miles in.


It’s pouring rain so what was planned to be an Indian run to the parking deck turned into a chaotic sprint through the raindrops and puddles.


Let’s run the deck to get the coastal version of hill work for those preparing for BRR.
First time running up stop at each level for escalator exercises
Level 2 10 burpees
Level 3 10 burpees, 20 merkins
Level 4 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 squats
Next run backwards up the ramps, sprint the flat part to the top, at the top balls to the wall for 30 seconds; down the stairs.
Next run up to the top, 20 merkins, alternate down the stairs.
Time for one more run up and back down the deck.

Mosey to Chancellor’s walk(still raining) – sprint 2 light poles and mosey 1 all the way back. Plank for the 6.
Mosey to the AO

Flutter kicks
American Hammer


TCLAPS to all those who beat the fartsack and came out in the deluge this morning – especially to you Stubing cause I know how you feel about running.
Seahorse was the lone rucker carrying extra weight this morning. As we ran by him at the deck I thought I heard him say “Where the hell is Blade?”

Thanks to all for coming out and motivating me- it is an honor to lead.

Tiny Dancer



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