Q: Flounder

PAX: Bath Salts, Mr. T, Dixie Chick, Tom Sawyer, Mayhem, Pony Express, Morpheus, Kramer, Kung Fu Panda, The Adjuster, Ugly Stick

Warm Up:  SSH x 49, Mountain Climber x 49, Moroccan Night Club x 49

Mosey to the Pull-up bars.  Grab a partner.  Each team to complete 49 pull-ups/Dips combo.  While one PAX is completing pull-ups, the other is completing dips.  Rotate as needed to get to 49 pull-ups.  x 2

Mosey to Goose Poop Island with a bear crawl across the bridge.  Time for some Dora’s

First Round:  49 V-ups, 49 Freddie Mercury, 49 Heels to Heaven, 49 Windshield Wipers while your partner ran up the steps and around the twisty path back to the island.

Second Round: 49 Merkins, 49 Spider Merkins, 49 Blast Off Merkins, 49 Dive Bomb Merkins.  Same run as above.

Mosey back to AO.  2 minutes left so 49 second plank and 49 second plank crunch.

Moleskin/COT: What a great morning! Turned 49 today and there really is no better way to start the morning than with such a great group of men with the same discipline, physical and spiritual values.  I have been involved with F3 every bit of two years and going into my 3rd.  I could not imagine going back to the Sad Clown days.  It’s crazy but I actually look forward to turning 50 just to earn a little “Respect”!  To top it all off, I got a super hot blonde giving me a birthday kiss!

Lots going on with F3.  I look forward to hearing more on how F3 will evolve with ModWatch.  This could really change peoples lives.  Mayhem asked for some help with the new Young Life Director.  His house needs some demo, paint and repairs.  He will organize a day for us to do some destruction and construction.  Sasquatch tomorrow so good luck to the PAX attending.  That’s a beast of a workout (so I hear).  Shoe Drive through August 1.  Athletic shoes, no cleats.  Bring them to the workouts!

Prayers for F3 and our family’s safety through the summer, for our nation and those who protect us and this country.  Make today an even better day by doing something special for somebody.  Call an old friend, a family member or make an effort to make somebody smile today.  Just make it better!

Flounder Out!




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