Tuesdays are better with BLIMPS

DATE:  July 24, 2018

AO:  UNCW Run Forrest Ruck

QIC:  Morpheus

# of PAX:  8

PAX:  Bunion, Busted Grill, Money Gun, Dagger Board, Blade, Fatback, Mr. Kotter, Morpheus

Inclement weather blew the clown car from Snow’s Cut to UNCW, where eight intrepid PAX joined in…

WARM-UP:  Heel Down, Toe Up (and switch side); Up Out and Around (and reverse); High Knees; Butt Kickers

THE THANG:  The F3 acronym BLIMPS stands for whatever the Q says, in this case Burpees (x10); Lunges (10 ea); Imperial Walkers (x20); Merkins (x20); Plank Jax (x20); and Squat Jumps (x20).  One mile circuits from the AO to UNCW track and return via cross-city trail were run.  Start each circuit by performing an exercise from BLIMPS at AO (adding another exercise at beginning of each circuit) with the next exercise being performed at the track 1/2 way point.  For example, second lap would be Burpees and Imperial Walkers at AO, run, then Lunges and Merkins at track, run to AO for more exercises, and so forth.  All meet at AO for Flutter Kicks (x20), then Heels to Heaven (x20).

COT:  As we finished the THANG and moved to the AO, the atmosphere could only be described as electric.  Thankfully,  no one was struck.  Thanks for a mostly rain-free workout and prayers for those needing intercession.

MOLESKINZ:  Shout out to Bunion for posting a brief 365 days after his last post.  Strong work!

To Mr. Kotter for running fast and claiming his EC BLIMPS.

It was an honor and a privilege.



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