Armed and Dangerous!

Stingray – 7/25/18

Pax: 10 Count, BTB, Stump Jumper (from Lake Norman/North Charlotte – WELCOME), Knuckle Puck, Wapner, Nozzle, Hardwood, BamBam, Bogey, OTC, Sparky, Trump, Tenenbaum, Etch-A-Sketch, EOM



Break Dancer IC X15

Moroccan Night Club IC X50

Apollo Oh-No’s IC X20

Shoulder Press IC X30

Sumo Squats IC (COUNT ON 3) X30


Partner Up – Partner #1 begins Exercise a. – Partner #2 begins Exercise b. – When the pair of you have Reached 75 reps cumulatively – you will switch Exercises for another 75 cumulative reps. Pax who finish first will do Mary until all groups have completed the 150 reps. Pairs should consist of 1 avid pulluper and 1 non-avid pulluper

1a. pullup/knees up

1b. Close Grip Tricep Merkins (arms should rub rib cage during reps and go to full extension)

2a. Chin Ups

2b. Tricep crunch – hold top position for a 3 count

3a. Mixed Grip Pullups

3b. Ball Merkins


Mosey to Coupon Pile

hammer peck curls w/ COUPONS x50 each arm

Close Grip Coupon Bench Press – X50 with medium to large coupons OYO

10% curl progression – X5 – With large coupon big enough to curl with both hands (time under tension is the name of this game)


COT Moleskin:

Announcements –

  1.  Sasquatch – join the #sasquatch channel on slack if you plan on attending to figure out clown cars to ENC and sleeping arrangements for Friday night!
  2. Atari’s wife had her baby last night!  Another 2.0 in the world!
  3. Praise – Sparky’s youngest daughter is pregnant with his 5th grandchild.  #strongworkgdaddy
  4. The VQs are coming – Wapner will be at HMM this coming Monday.   World Wide on 8/6/18 at Monster Factory – Bogey on 8/8/18 at SR. Come out and support him. #cherrypoppin
  5. If you wuss out on the Sasquatch event this weekend, skip the fartsack and meet Knuckle Puck at Baywatch this Saturday!

Prayers –

  1.  Bogey’s grandmother who was recently diagnosed with cancer at 82 years young is having hysterectomy soon.
  2. Pray that BTB and all those in his line of work get a reprieve from the rain so they can get back to work.
  3. Remember Sooner as he copes with and presses through the struggle of losing a friend.  His name is Tyler, pray for their family and friends during this time.




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