Soggy Bottom Dirty McDeuce / O Brothers, Where Art Thou / Bad Day to Wear White

Date: 7/23/2018

AO: Stingray

QIC: BabyBack

# of PAX: 8

PAX: Sir-Mix-Alot, EOM, 10 Count, Bam Bam, OTC, Knuckle Puck, Hard Wood



Side Straddle Hop X 30 IC
Cotton Pickers X 20 IC
Morroccan Night Club X 29 IC  YHC went to the high inflection a little early here.


The Thang

Carterican Indian Run around soccer field to the corner close to the maintenance building


Dirty McDeuce: In each outside corner of the soccer fields the PAX performed three exercises with 12 reps each, done in a circuit 4 times and then ran to the next corner.

First Corner

Carolina Dry Docks X 12 IC
Squats X 12 IC
Crunchy Frogs X 12 IC


Second Corner

Merkins X 12 IC
Lunges X 12 IC
Heels to Heaven X 12 IC


Third Corner

Mtn Climbers X 12 IC
Bobby Hurleys X 12 OYO
Shoulder Taps X 12 OYO


Fourth Corner (really the coupon pile): Here the PAX got more for their money with coupons!

Tricep Press X 12 IC
Goblet Squat X 12 IC
American Hammers X 12 IC


Mosey back to the flag.



Thin turnout today influenced the second name of this workout, but I imagine the risk of storms caused some fartsacking. Even with no rain, I think most of the PAX were soaked from the soggy ground and sweat, which influenced the first name


It was great to have Sir Mix Alot up from Screaming Eagle this morning!


Thanks to all the PAX for taking a turn counting the cadence as that was more laborious than YHC bargained for.


The one casualty was Knuckle Pucks’s white shirt and shorts that were more brown than white by the end!


YHC was pretty proud of himself for this workout taking the exact amount of time having us getting back to the flag only 1 – 2 minutes late.



Sasquatch is coming up this weekend.

Prayers for:

Sooner’s friend Tyler’s family and friends. Sooner is traveling back to OK this week to be there with them.

The PAX on IR or fartsacking.


It was a pleasure and an honor to lead this morning!

BabyBack OUT!



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