DATE: 7/23/18 

QIC: 8penny

PAX: Ugly Stik, Tea Party, RX, Tom Sawyer, Hammer Head (FNG), Short Rib, McRib, Spare Rib, Tombstone, Stouffers (FNG), TinyTank, Franks, Tubbs, Hoff, Trump,


SSH x39 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
Carolina Dry-Docks x10 IC
Merkins x10 IC
Mosey through the Forty-Corners circuit



Start at corner 4 in the parking lot x20 Burpees OYO then run down the path to the 1st pavilion.

Corner 1, Arms:

  • Balls-To-The-Wall Merkins x10
  • Plankin wall slaps x20
  • Merkins x40
  • Dips x40

Run over the bridge to the facility shelter.

Corner 2, Cardio:

  • Australian Mountain Climbers x20
  • Mountain Climbers x40
  • Tuck-Jumps x40
  • Apolo Ohno x40

Run up the path to the bench shelter.

Corner 3, Abs:

  • American Hammers x40 (2-count)
  • Crunchy Frogs x40
  • Freddie Mercury x40 (2-count)
  • LBC x40

Run Across the parking lot to the start point.

Corner 4, Legs:

  • Squats x40
  • Jump Lunges x40
  • Monkey Humpers x40
  • Bobby Hurley x40

Rinse and repeat starting with x20 burpees.


  • Samaritan award to Tombstone tending to the sick…I mean 6
  • Nice attempt by Tea Party on de-railing round 2 by removing the station cards during the first round.
  • Ugly Stik, I had no idea you played the trumpet so well!
  • Nice to see you out in the gloom Hoff…been a while, missed you brother!
  • Tom Sawyer, always a pleasure hosting you down south especially with 2 FNG’s, well done
  • Nice work today Franks, one would never guess that you are an heir to a hot dog fortune!
  • Tubbs you’re a beast, so much faster than when you started a few months ago.  Strong work!
  • RX you’ve become a running machine, well done
  • Tiny Tank, you keep crushing it like that and sharks are going to be scared to be in the same water as you.
  • Trump, glad to have you back from your travels and flying with the eagles!
  • Prayers for Tom Sawyer’s sister and Trolley Stop’s wife

Always an honor gentlemen!



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