Blue Light Special


QIC: Snickers

10 Pax: YHC, Brady, AED, Beretta, Balthazar, Fire Marshall Bill, Wham-O, Chattahoochee, Dept. Dawg, Bluegrass, 

Warmorama: SSH ICx25, Cotten Picker  IC10 Count Merkin Wave, 

The Thang:

Our morning started off with a crash, and some cops:) Let’s just say that Wham-O’s name now has a double meaning. Because of all the excitement we missed our 0530 start time. But never fear we still got our beatdown. 

Everyone grab a kettle bell and head to the stage. With all the Kettle bell’s on one end of the stage, the PAX start passing them down the line. Once you hand the KB off do a Burpee box jumps. (Fun fact wooden platforms when wet are really slippery. I was good enough to demonstrate how slipper they are:). Pass all the KB down, Recover with two 10 counts and then back.

Pick your poison, No one was interested in the 40lb KB

Starting at the stage, OYO 5 box step ups with your kettlebell, Once finished do a KB toss bear crawl to the first cone, At the first cone complete 10 squat thrusters, From Cone one to cone two do a KB Toss Board jump, At the second cone 21’s, Between Cone two and three do a KB toss bear crawl, At the third cone complete 40 over head presses. Head back to the stage and repeat four more time. 

Mary: 20 LBC IC, Scissor Kicks IC 20, Freddy Mercuries IC 20, Circle of Planks 10 count for each PAX.  

COT: Prayer for AED’s Wife’s Grandmother, Wham-O’s family after grandmother passed away last Friday, travel safety for Bluegrass’s wife this week  

Announcement: Brolympics October 27

Strong work Everyone. Was a honor and privilege to Q the workout today. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is. 

Snickers OUT



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