Pickles, Insulin & a Washing Machine


AO: Board Meeting

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 3

PAX: Pickles, Insulin (FNG)

Conditions = Water Temp: ~82° | Air Temp: ~80° | Wind: E 15+ | Waves: Knee / Choppy

With darkness still holding on @ 0530, 3 PAX ventured out for surf. We actually got in the water a little closer to 0545 after some obligatory stretches and mubblechatter. Not only was Insulin FNG today, but today was his first time surfing as well.

The Thang

Get swished around in the washing machine on the north side of Crystal Pier for a while. Rinse & Repeat on the south side of the pier…

Caught a few waves, fought the southward drift, and were basically alone in the lineup save a passing dolphin.

Insulin said he had a good time despite the conditions.

Retire to Sundays for COT & Coffeeteria.

COT / Moleskins

Strong work on the EH Pickles.

Prayers for Insulin to get started soon at his first job. Go see him at Fresh Market sometime soon!

Good discussion about what lesson(s) we feel God is teaching us right now.

Sundays has the HOTTEST coffee in town, at least at 0630…

Insulin likes his sugar with a little coffee……  (thus his name)

Pickles gave thanks for the day, surf, coffee, and cinnamon rolls.


Until Next Time…




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