Bluegrass VQ – Is this really your 1st Q?

QIC: Bluegrass

Date: 7-20-18

# of PAX: 10

PAX: Freebird – Respect(F3Whiteville), Scrooge (F3 Whiteville), Durden (F3 Whiteville), Roadkill (F3 Whiteville), The Bream (F3 Whiteville), Bokie (F3 Whiteville), Chatahoochee, Beretta – Respect, Brady – Respect, Snickers


Warm Up:

SSH – IC x25

Imperial Walkers – IC x20

Cotton Pickers – IC x15


The Thang:

Indian Run – 2 lines – 1 loop around Town Hall Park – Nothing like a little run in the dark around the park…gladly we all made it back with no broken ankles.

Circle Burp x 2 rounds – 22 burps in all – Hey at least we did it at the beginning and not the end…just sayin!

11’s – Side A – Wall Climbers   Side B – Crab Humpers – Those without gloves may have lost a little skin but it will grow back.

Dora – always enjoy working with a partner

#1 – 3 cone suicide run while partner does Squats x100

#2 – Bear Crawl to middle cone and back while partner does Plank Jacks x200

#3 – Run to last cone and back while partner does American Hammers x300

4 Corners – I may or may not have gotten a little excited that I had time to inflict a little more pain for 1 round.

Corner #1 – Bobby Hurley’s x10

Corner #2 – Merkins x15 + Bobby Hurley’s x10

Corner #3 – Squats x20 + Merkins x15 + Bobby Hurley’s x10

Corner #4 – LBC’s x25 + Squats x20 + Merkins x15 + Bobby Hurley’s x10


Flutter Kicks IC x25

Freddie Mercury – IC x20

Box Cutters – IC x15

10 count Alternating Plank (3 PAX choose position)

Dying Cockroaches – IC x15…I think


CoT/ Molskinz:

Special thanks to the men from F3Whiteville who came for the Ghost Flag and took a beating in the process. Strong Work Men – thanks for the support.

Also thanks to Snickers for his assistance and guidance leading up to my VQ.

Prayers for Harrison family (Whiteville) loss of newborn baby – peace during this difficult time and understanding of God’s plan for their lives. Brady’s dog was taken – asking for safe return of a beloved family pet. Continued prayer for our First Responders and Military at home and abroad.

Announcements – Sasquatch July 28th, BROLYMPICS October 27th, Whiteville – Take the Lake (


And yes this was my VQ to answer the question from the men from Whiteville. Enjoy the Ghost Flag – betting you may have it for a few weeks. Don’t think the men from the other side of the bridge can muster up a crew to go take it….


It was an honor to inflict the pain today for this group of #HIM!

-Bluegrass, out!




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