Going Old School

DATE: 7/16/18
QIC: Dixie Chick
# of PAX: 20

PAX:  Penny Wise, Flight Nurse, Tank, Atari, Abacus, Pony Express, Mr. T, The Adjustor, Fire Marshall Bill, Tom Sawyer, Gerber, Pig Pen, Jiffy Pop, Special K, Seahorse a.k.a. “Caballo de Mar”, Gravity, Snap-On, Kramer, Wapner and Dixie Chick.

Image result for gorillas in the midst


The gorillas got down this morning in 100% humidity and threw around some iron.  By the sounds and comments that I heard it sure felt like the Pax got their money’s worth.  I’ve never smelt so bad in my life afterward, but I hear that’s a good thing after posting.  Anyway, as Seahorse so eloquently put it, “This morning sucked so good!”



  • Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Club x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walker x 20 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
  • Plank Jack Merkins x 10 IC (20 sounded good at first but we made up for it later)



We partnered up for some old school Dora.

  • Squat, Curl, Press and Extensions x 100
  • Lawnmowers x 200
  • LBC’s x 300

Partner moseys to the area 1 sign and does 10 merkins and moseys back

Mosey to the Tennis Courts for some Four Corners Escalator action

  • Dead-Stop Merkins x 10
  • Groiners x 20
  • Crunchy Frog x 30
  • Bobby Hurley’s x 40

Balls to the Wall while waiting for the 6

Mosey to the parking lot for some abbreviated “Aiken Legs”

  • Squats x 20
  • Step Ups x 20

Jailbreak back to the A.O. for some Mary


  • Freddy Mercuries x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • Dying Cockroach x 20



Atari’s family will be bigger by one the next time we see him, here’s to a smooth delivery!

Prayers to Mr. T’s church, Gravity’s friend, and Jiffy Pop’s wife.

Wapner’s VQ is 7/30, let’s come out and support him.

Sasquatch and Brolympics are around the corner.

The number of PAX showing up on a consistent basis is encouraging, let’s keep that momentum going.

It was a privilege to lead today and get stronger with 20 of my Brothers!!!!

Dixie Chick



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