Giddy Up

15 Pax beat the fartsack to grind out some fun at Stingray.

PAX: See the video

THANG:  2 lines. Run around soccer fields to dog park for some tracers. Did a little Mary, then back into our 2 lines to run back to the soccer fields. Get into groups of 3 for grinders. 1 pax at each end does called exercise while the 3rd pax runs to the other side. Each pax continues exercises until the third pax reaches them. Constantly switching out. The exercises were: burpees, merkins, freddy mercury, mountain climbers. Back into 2 lines for a run to the other end of the soccer fields. This is where we burpee-broad-jumped for 20 yards, backwards the rest of the way. Rinse and repeat. Back into 2 lines for an Indian run back to home base.


-I wanted to keep everyone moving for the entire workout. I think we did that.

-It was a fairly slim crew until 5:28am when the majority raced into the parking lot. Time to set the alarm for 5 minutes earlier.

-Going for a jog as the warmup was meant to keep things interesting and it didn’t go unnoticed. Many grumbled that they didn’t get their 5 minutes of SSH and Moroccan Night Clubs in. No time for that today.

– T Claps to BTB for starting early with a solo run.

-Knuckle Puck tried to race me across the field, but someone had to come in second place #thatwasknucklepuck

-Coffee Bean showed up . Keep coming, it will get easier.



-Pray for 10-Count’s wife as she deals with the loss of her father.

-Keep sending good vibes to Spin Doctor that he gets a job soon.

-Congrats to Chop Shop on the great news on the adoption of his son.


Thanks for playing along. Have a great weekend,




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