Pearls on a froga string


QIC – Niles

Pax- pony express, Heisenberg, parrothead, Kung fu panda and 2.0, captain Steubing, mr T , Gerber, hairspray, Tiny Dancer , Tom Sawyer, Dixie Chick , FNG – Lost Soul , special K, Mayhem fashionably late , Bone spur, McFly, Doubtfire , Jiffy pop , and Hahvahd came for coffee

On a balmy Friday morning in July, 21 packs gathered for the inaugural pearls on a froga string .

Disclaimers were made and then we moseyed. We made 4 stops , and did ridiculous amounts of incredibly difficult exercises and Broga to recover . Moseyed to the pull-up bars for pull-ups and balls to the tree.

Moseyed to the baseball field for a spirited World Cup of ultimate frisbee. The wizened and wily respects + over 45 a.k.a. Croatia Took on the youthful and speedy hate hates and under 45 a.k.a. France. Alas, France prevailed 4- 3, most likely a harbinger of Sunday’s game.

Ended with shoulder stand and plow before we made it back to the flags for COT.

Our FNG introduced himself as a lost soul who discovered us through art of manliness blog. Hence the name lost soul.


Prayers for Mr. T and his pumpkin church having a camp/get together next week, F3 dads camp coming up – sign up now, and for kung fu panda’s sister in law recovering from illness. Prayers for leaders and first responders and for the opportunity to get it done in the gloom with our Band of Brothers.


Our tribe continues to grow – Nice to see new faces and I’m sure lost soul has an interesting Q in store for us. Someone wanted to name him Hoff jr if that gives you an idea of his personality.

Lots of mumble chatter about how tight people feel and how good the Yoga felt.

Although the young guys / France prevailed, the old guys gave a respectable showing. Hairspray got some game. Steubing and Gerber got some springs.

Good to see your 2.0 it through the work out fine kung fu panda – strong work.

A spirited discussion on genesis led by Dixie chick at Jimbos n Jesus followed.

Harvard was leisurely waiting for us at JNJ with his pipe and smoking jacket- I think there’s a name for that in the lexicon but it escapes me. He threw some Latin out casually in convo cementing his place in the tribe as the gentleman and scholar that he is.

Busted grill almost busted my grill for my comments about evolution but Parrot Head intervened.

That’s all I got – always a pleasure to lead and be lead. Niles out . Aye !



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