Burpee Wheel

The Burpee Wheel

Date: 7/13/18

Where: Screaming Eagle


# of pax 13

Pax:  Bottle Rocket, Cross Walk, Donut, Floppy Disk (Wake Forest),  Franks, Gurley, Moab, Nomad, Oregano, Rx, SirMixaLot, Tiny Tank

YHC obtained a passport to head below the Monkey Junction line for the thrill of the Screaming Eagle AOs.  As a special treat Floppy Disk the F3Wilmington original IT Q (at the time he was IT Q for everything east of I-95 plus Raleigh) was there to join the beatdown.  Bone spur, your shoes were delivered and Franks was excited.  Here’s how the beatdown went down.


Seal claps IC x 30

Imperial walkers IC x 20

Then Donut shows up

Cotton pickers IC x 20

Morrocan nightclubs IC x 50

The Thang

Carterican Indian run with flag to Minnie’s field for the burpee wheel.

Flag is planted in the center as the hub.  The spokes of the wheel are:

30 curb jumps

20 derkins

20 prisoner squats

30 LBCs

After each turn on the wheel, you run to center for 5 burpees.  Everyone went around the wheel twice.

Seeing as how we had F3 Royalty in town, yhc called the thang early.  Indian Run back to the flag for an extended Mary beatdown by Floppy Disk.

He brought a couple of new ones.  The pax especially loved the star plank and the J-Los.

To wrap things up we did a couple of suicide sprints in the parking lot, earning some spilled merlot.  Victory!

That’s a wrap.


Pretty inspiring how CapeFear continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Prayers for all the current and future pax, first responders, and everyone who is giving their life away.  That is what we are called to do.


Creeping up on Moab’s birthday just as he earns the 20 in 30 board!  Tclaps to you.  Awesome to see Oregano and Bottle Rocket (2.0s) out there giving all they have got.  Franks is coming in hot, ready to give it away big time.  Y’all get your shoes to him.  Nomad, you are no longer a nomad, you are a card carrying member of the brotherhood.  Glad to call you brother.  Thanks for the push today Cross Walk.  Needed it.  Every time I see Rx I think of Sparky.  Glad he talked you into posting.  Gurley, you have one of the best names out here.  I never forget where you are from.  Tiny Tank is making a sneaky big impact down south.  Y’all pay attention.  SirMix, we could not have picked a better weasel shaker.  You are doing us proud.  We could have picked a better driver for you mini-van.  Get with me soon.  I’ll give you some lessons.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out



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