The Wickets Q – 4 yrs after

The Wickets Q – 4 yrs after

Date: 7/11/18

Where: HMP


#of pax: 26

Pax:  8 Penny, Abacus, Bath Salts, Blade, Bone Spur, Busted Grill, Dr Livingston, Dixie Chick, Fire Marshall Bill, Gerber, Heisenberg, Mayhem, Kramer, Pickles, Pig Pen, Pony Express, Rocky Top, Seahorse, Shuffle, Smiles, Snap-On, Special K, TI, The Adjuster, Tom Sawyer, Ugly Stik

4 yrs ago today, YHC first wandered into the gloom of F3.  Sent by my BIL who posts in Raleigh, he told me some Raleigh pax had clowncar’d 3 weeks before and planted a flag in Wilmington.  I had no idea what any of that meant, but I liked the general idea of Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith so I got up at the ridiculous hour of 0500 and drove to HMP.  There were 5 pax standing around looking confused, so that must be them.  A young kid named Wickets eagerly welcomed me, and he had the Q that day.  I think Last, Heisenberg, and Gobo were there also.  This is an attempt to recreate that day.

26 pax found there way to the OG AO of HMP for this Wednesday beatdown.  The gloomidity was high.


SSH ic x 30

Imperial walkers ic x 20

Mtn climbers IC x 30

Cotton pickers IC x 20

The Thang-

Mosey to the baseball fields for 11s.

The Thang – 

Mosey to the baseball fields for 11s.

Starting at 2nd base, bearcrawl to centerfield fence.

10 balls2wall derkins

Run back to 2nd base for 1 prisoner squat.

Continue on. It is 11s.

Mosey to the outside trail for the long route to the tennis courts.

Burpee suicides.  1 burpee each doubles line.  Harder than it sounds when you are chasing 8Penny and Ugly Stik.

Mosey to field for Jack Webbs

1 merkin, 1 shoulder press.

Rinse and repeat up to 10 merkins, 10 shoulder press.

Jail break to flag for Mary.

Flutter kicks IC x 20

Hello dollies IC x 20

That’s a wrap.


Brother Wickets has moved to Charleston.  I hope he realizes the legacy he has left behind.  It is awesome to see how F3 has grown over the years.  The life of my entire family. has been positively impacted by F3, from better relationships, better health, better discussions of faith.  I am eternally grateful for the pax who planted the Wilmington flag, and feel obligated to pass on what they have shared with me.  We had several prayers lifted up that yhc forgot to write down.  Thankfully the Sky Q knows all prayers, spoken and unspoken, remembered and forgotten.  6 of us retired to Jimbos for a hearty 2nd F.  Ready to take your lead in helping to give it away.  Monthly Advisory Council meeting is Thursday, 6:30 pm at Brewer’s Kettle.

Moleskin-  Snap On, claps on getting your weekday posts going.  It’s going to make a huge difference.  Love how 8Penny kicks everyone’s butt with a smile.  Dr Livingston – Never give up!  Abacus, strong work out there today brother.  Busted Grill, you are fine wine, continuing to age well, and our hero.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Always an honor and a pleasure.

Little Engine That Could- out



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