Sprinklers Ahead

Date: 7/10/18

AO: Run Brunswick Forest Run

Q: Johnny Gage

# of Pax 2

Claven & Blue grass



The Thang:

Run a 10m pace for .50 miles; now lets do some interval training. Pax picked-up their pace to 7mm between poles, dropping back to  a 10m pace between second set of poles, etc. Pax had to dodge water sprinklers to complete first round of intervals. Now, running through sprinklers would be a good thing during this time of year, but the air and water temp was cooler than normal, but we pushed through anyway.  Pax completed 4.5 miles in all. Strong work, fellas!

CoT/ Molskinz:

Claven. Getting faster, brother

Bluegrass- you will have no problem completing your required PT test next month. your ready!

My daughters are on the way back to the States from Haiti as I type this BB. Continue prayers for Haiti and the mission workers. Prayers for our Military and First Responders.





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