Triple Threat and More

Date: 7/6/18

QIC: Johnny Gage

# of Pax: 7

Snickers, Claven, Edger, Blue Grass, Brady, Chattahoochee, Pub-G

Warm Up:

Little Baby Arm Circles; Forward and Backward x 20

IW’s x 15

The Thang:

Mosey to the other side of the park, I’m calling it, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK. On the way to the other side, the pax stopped every 50 yards completing merkins, air squats, and lunges. Once we arrived on The Other Side of the Park, we executed the Triple Threat. Instructions given and off we go. Pax had to wait on Snickers because someone did not listen to the meaning of “Triple Threat” (its OK Snickers, we got your six). Pax executed LBC’s while having Snicker’s six.

Mosey to Town Hall’s Steps where the Pax was introduced to Rocky Balboa and Knees-to-Chest. I heard some mumbling about quads and calves hurting (good thing).

Are we done yet?! NOPE! Mosey to the grassy knoll (somewhat of a grassy knoll) for Merkin Pyramid , a 1:5 count. Now, there’s chatter about how shoulders hurting.

Ok, we must be done! Not exactly! Mosey down Town Hall; Triceps dips and air squats was the word. Now we’re done, oh wait,  we have Mary to do (LBCs, Flutter kicks, & Hello Dolly)


Snickers- Take care of that hamstring, see you in a week.

Claven- continue to amaze me.

Blue Grass- appears your hip is better, strong work!

Brady- keep pounding!

Edger- powerful, yet quiet…

Chattahoochee- first time I met you, did you play professional football?! Powerhouse!

PubG- Not an ideal way to spend a summer morning, but you’ll thank dad (snickers) later.

Prayers for first responders, our community, and our fine men and women of our military.

Humbled! Honored! Blessed!

Gage- out!







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