Bone spur VQ

7-6-2018 @ AO_OG HMP 5:30 Gloom


QIC: BoneSpur

25 PAX


Warm Up-

Side Stradle Hop × 15

‘Merkins × 28

Cherry Pickers × 15


The Thang

Mosey to Goose Poop Island

PAX 5 x 5 groups to conquer the Bermuda  Triangle

Station 1: Pull ups x 10, Dips x 15 (plank until your turn or 6 joins)

bearcrawl across bridge

Station 2: Decline ‘Merkins x 10, Jump Lunge x 15 (flutter kicks till 6 joins)

mosey upstairs

Station 3: Coupon- Lateral Raises x 10, Curls x 15 (dying cockroach till 6 joins)

Sprint to Station 1- Rinse and Repeat for 3 rounds


Mosey to AO

Pair up for cumulative ‘Merkins x 100, Sumo Squat x 100


@tinydancer (respect) led a challenging Broga “cool down”




@dimples thanks for joining us from Sandhills



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