Dirt Road

AO: Run Brunswick Forest Run

Date: 7/3/18

Q: Johnny Gage

# of Pax: 3-

Clavin, Snickers, Blue Grass

The Thang:

No warm up required, because we will run for 45 minutes. The pax took a tour behind Brunswick Forest, running down a 2 mile dirt road. The dirt track seemed endless. With roosters cock-a-doodling-doo and frogs croaking, the pax pushed through the jungle of Brunswick Forest. 4.2 miles completed in 45 minutes. Strong work, fellas!


Clavin- my wingman!

Snickers- Forty Two!!

Blue Grass- A bad hip and still came out…No excuses in F3. Strong work!

Prayers for Gage’s daughters who are in Haiti doing mission work. Prayers for our First Responders and Military.

YHC has  LA’s Q Friday- don’t miss it, I promise to bring the pain!

-Gage out!



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