Monster Factory World Cup Beat Down

July 2, 2018

Q: Flounder

PAX: War Child, Hot Tub Time Machine, Spaceballs, LETC, Bogey, Boreland (Raleigh), Tenenbaum, Baby Back, Chop Shop, Shakedown, Bam Bam, Flipper, Sunshine, Cable (Greenville), ATB, Sooner, Dino, EOM, Sir Mix Alot, Shut In (Visiting but did not catch location)

Welcome FNG Doug  Meyers aka Chunky Shoes

Warm Up: 20 SSH, 20 Mountain Climbers, 20 Merkins

The Thang:  Mosey to the pull up bars…somebody there so continue mosey to the other set of pull up bars.  Form groups of 3 then 30 second intervals pull ups, v-ups and plank.  Each PAX in the group started with one exercise then rotated to the next.  Rinse and repeat 5x.

Mosey to the football field.  In the spirit of the World Cup, soccer was introduced as part of the workout.  First exercise was to get in your group of 3, opposite end of the field in a single file line.   One PAX started with the ball and dribbled in a sprint to the other side and passed it off to a PAX who then dribbled to the other side, passed it off, etc.  While one was dribbling, the PAX in back called out an exercise for their side.  Rinse and Repeat 5x.

At this point it was time for World Cup F3 style. We formed 6 teams with Flipper setting up cone goals for all teams.  Game on!!  7 minutes of highly skilled futball that even Ronaldo or Messi would have been impressed by! After 7 minutes, it was halftime…25 Burpees.  Second half then 25 burpees.  Being that each team made it out of their groups, it was time for the international stage and the big game.  First team to 3 wins.  Losers prize is 20 burpees and winner’s prize is 19 burpees.  When the final whistle blew there is no doubt that all teams won as all PAX were soaking wet with sweat and grumbling from the burpees.  Final exercise was the fence jump, which was really tough after all the running!  Back to AO.

COT/Moleskin: LETC reminded all of the F3 Foundation Board meeting this afternoon at 6:30 hosted by Flounder.  If interested come on to 210 Norwood Avenue.  We welcomed PAX from Raleigh and Greenville today, which is always awesome to have PAX from out of town.  Cable reminded us of Sasquatch to be taking place July 28th in Greenville.  We need to get this on the calendar!  Prayers for ATB and his family as they are recovering from a pretty nasty car accident.  We wrapped it up with prayers for safety as this week comes into full swing and to live as Jesus lived.

Really enjoyed today gents (and Flipper).

Flounder out!







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