Pond View

DATE: 06/29/2018

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 8

THE PAX: Glass Joe, Chicken Noodle, Franks, 8-Penny, Downhill, The Mountie, and Moab



SSH: 25, Cotton Pickers: 15, Imperial Walkers: 15


We did a merkin Indian run until the six had done 2 rounds of 5 merkins and then continued to mosey to the pond.  There we had 3 stations set up around the pond with 3 different exercises at each station.  Station 1 we did  10 mountain climbers (4 count), 20 Carolina dry docks , and 20 American hammers.  Then we ran to station 2 and did 20 Flutter kicks, 20 shoulder taps (10 per shoulder), and 20 Bobby Hurley’s.  Then we bear crawled to the kids plastic shovels sticking in the ground (half way to station 3) and lunged the other half.  At station 3 we did 20 V-ups, 20 Merkins, and 20 Squats.  We than ran back to station 1 and repeated.  We got in about 3 rounds and moseyed bag to the flags for the COT.


Keep Chicken Noodle and his family in your prayers with the passing of his grandmother and AATB’s daughter from the car accident.

Happy Birthday to Franks and cograts to Moab for getting his 7 in 7. Strong work brother.

Thanks for participating and putting in the hard work.


2nd base and



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