Cluster of Trust

33 brave souls, including 4 2.0s, left it all out there at the best AO in the Nation.

QIC: Dino

PAX:  Aqua Fresh (Metro), Busted Grillzzzzz, Last, Snap On, Shake Down, Blue Steel, Hover Round, Coffee Bean, Down Hill, 8 Pen, SOL, Hoff, Atari, The Adjuster, Flounder, Ella Johnson FNG (Flipper), Bam Bam, Over Bite, T BOMB, OOOOOPS, DC, Sparkles, Venus, Trump, Spin Doc, Miles Herrmann FNG (Spin Off), Ronaldo, Dixie Bitch, Freon, Rev Flo (Metro), GOBO, Heisenburg


Warm up with 50 Seal Claps. Enough of that crap. Off to Harbor Island led by the 4 2.0s. Stop at the “park” for 20 mtn climber, 20 plank jack high, 20 plank jack low.

Off to Live Oak Rd (where the grumpy people live apparently). Partner up. Partners run in opposite directions for the length of the road, stopping at all speed bumps for: 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 20 lbc’s. When you meet up with partner, complete 15 hand clap merkins, 15 leg throw downs (getting as much sweat on your partner’s face as possible). Rinse and repeat 2x.

Run to beach. Line up along the water for the “Dino”mite circuit. 10 surfees, 10 burpee broad jumps, 10 lunges each leg, run the rest of the way up to the dunes. Run backwards to the water. Rinse and repeat 2x.

End with flutter kicks in the surf followed by Maktar N Jye. Get your shoes on and run back to the basketball court. Thanks to whoever led some Mary while waiting for the six.



-Great to see the young ins getting out of the fart sack before noon to better themselves as well as the rest of us. There is hope for the future generation.

-Welcome to our FNGs, Miles Herrmann (Spin Off) and Ella Johnson (Flipper). Come back and see us .

-As always, it is great to host our out of town Pax, Rev Flo and Aqua Fresh.

-Hopefully, next time it will be a little more humid.

-Busted Grill and Hoverround were proud of themselves. They said that together they gave a 100% effort this morning, 50% each.

-The order of the COT was a mess, but we got the job done. Must have been suffering from heat stroke.

Even though I despise writing backblasts, however, I love leading this group of men.

Til next time!




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