Can I Give You a Lift (B-Day Q)

When – 6/30/18

Where – Iron Island (Carolina Beach Elementary)

QIC – Flight Nurse

23 Pax – Blade, Bromater, Snickers, Milton, Hooch, Turner, Tiny Tank, Mr. Miyagi, RX, L’tnin, Matlock, Early Bird (FNG), Crosswalk, Bacon, Bo (FNG), Bone Spur, Tubbs, Short Rib, Spare Rib, Med Ball, Pony Express, YHC.

Warmorama – 10 burpees, 20 SSH, 10 Burpees, 20 Imperial Walkers, 10 Burpees, 20 Cotton Pickers, 10 Burpees, 20 Morrocan Nightclubs, 6 Burpees………46 Burpees/46 years 😉

The Thang – Split up into 4 man teams. 3 pax carry 1 pax to the beach (2 under each arm and 1 under legs) alternating pax every 50 feet.

At the beach- squads do (5) surfees &  (5) 4-man merkins x 6 rounds. Next was 200 partner throwdowns, one set of partners does throwdowns, while the other set does 10 merkins in the surf and rotate after merkins. Finished up with 4 man carry back to AO.

COT/Moleskin- Two FNG’s today, “Bo” (named for Bo Jackson, nice one Tiny Tank) and Matlock’s 2.0 “Early Bird”, (he came into the world 3 months early). Sign up for Sasquatch, F3 Dads camp (Tiny Tank has info), Prayers for Chicken Noodle and his family.

The idea behind the workout was all about brothers lifting each other up, figuratively and in this case literally. God directed me to a group of guys working out Saturday morning at Silver Fox, which became a brotherhood, for that I am truly thankful. You impact my life and I take responsibility for making an impact in yours.

It was an honor and privilege to lead HIM this morning. Thanks for bringing the 2.0’s, hope they enjoyed the choc milk as much as we did our adult sodas!!!

Humbly, Flight Nurse





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