Round and Round Beatdown

When   6/27/2018

Where  Screaming Eagle AO, Veterans Park


Pax  Hooch, Crosswalk, Downhill, 8-Penny, Moab, RX, Glass Joe, Flamer, The Mountie, Sir Mix Alot, Tiny Tank, and Trolley Stop.


12 men posted to see what EPO had in store for them. Thanks to Hooch, who has the keys, we were able to implement the track into todays workout.

The Thang

We mosey to the track which is 0.68 of a mile in distance.

Circle up and perform 25 seal claps, 25 Cherry pickers.

Divide up into 4 teams.

Each team gets a cone and a floor tile with an exercise written on it.

The teams are then spread evenly on the track.

Goal is to complete as many laps as possible.

Station 1   Flutter kicks x 25

Station 2   15 Squat Jumps

Station 3   25 Carolina Dry Docks

Station 4   10 Burpees

Ready set go

I called it when it was 0605. Most teams had completed 5 laps.

Hooch locked up and we moseyed back to the flag that RX forgot to take out of his car.


25 Hello Dollies


Sasquatch July 28th. Do it.

Affordable Thursday Crosswalk has the Q.


EPO out



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